Practitioner presentations

On November 22, you will present on the work of a cultural producer who uses one of the methods we are exploring in class in a way that is relevant to your semester theme. You may select any of the creators we discuss in class, an additional creator from the list below, or research your own practitioner. If you choose a practitioner we have not discussed and who is not on the list, you must get permission from me no less than a week before your presentation.

This assignment will introduce the entire class to a number of creative practitioners important in the field. Your presentation should be engaging and include:

• a brief outline of who the practitioner is (based on whatever public information they make available about themselves)
• an explanation of the major themes they are exploring
• a detailed engagement with ONE of this practitioner’s works – individual or collaborative – that we have not discussed in class. You should describe its method, scope, and significance using a format similar to the one that you used for your capstone proposal.

The presentation should be 10 minutes in length, with 5 minutes devoted to the work you have chosen to explore in depth. If you screen video as part of your presentation, it should be no longer than one minute.

Although you will be doing this presentation the day after you turn in your capstone proposal, I strongly encourage you to work on it in advance. Ideally, your research into practitioners should feed into your capstone development.

Only one person may present on each practitioner. When you decide who you want to present on, let me know and I will add their name to the list of ‘taken’ practitioners below.

In addition to the creators whose work we have discussed or viewed in class, here are some practitioners whose work might interest you. I will be adding to this list as the semester goes on.

Cecilia Barriga (multimedia artist)
micha cárdenas (multimedia artist, scholar, and game maker)
Mimi Nguyen (zinester and scholar)
Nia King (zinester, writer, podcaster)
Laura Shapiro (vidder)
Andrea Hairston (science fiction writer and playwright)
Nalo Hopkinson (science fiction writer)
Nisi Shawl (science fiction writer)
Moya Bailey (scholar and community organizer)
Ayana Jamison (scholar and community organizer)

Creators who have been selected already:
Merritt Kopas (game maker)
Anna Anthropy (game maker)
Audre Lorde (poet and writer)
Dayna McLeod (multimedia artist, remixer)
Bironic (vidder)
Gianduja Kiss (vidder)
Obsessive24 (vidder)
Collective creators of Slingshot planner
Michael Townsend (game creator)